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Package: MyToolkit.Extended
Platforms: WP7SL, WP8SL, WinRT(Universal)

MyToolkit provides helper classes and base classes to implement custom popups which behave like native popups (same look and feel).

Available popups

  • ListPickerBox (WP, WinRT): Shows a popup to select multiple elements from a set of elements.
var list = new string[] { "a", "b", "c", "d" };
var selected = new string[] { "a", "b" };
await ListPickerBox.ShowAsync("header", list, selected, true, true);
  • InputBox (WP): Shows an input prompt.
var text = await InputBox.ShowAsync(
	"Please enter a text: ", "Enter text", "Initial text", true);
if (text != null) // text is null if cancelled
	// TODO use text

  • MultiButtonPopup (WP): Shows a popup with multiple buttons.
  • ShareBox (WP): A popup with buttons to share something to multiple targets.

Implementing own popups

Windows Phone




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