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Package: MyToolkit.Extended
Platforms: WP7SL, WP8SL, WinRT(Universal)

A ListBox with additional features.

  • ScrolledToEnd event which indicates when the user scrolled to the end of the list. Consider using a list which implements the ISupportIncrementalLoading interface instead (WinRT).
  • InnerMargin property to set a margin around all elements inside the ScrollViewer (see this StackOverflow Question)
  • Every item automatically stretches to the full width of the control
Features WinRT(Universal):
  • Transparent background
  • Scrolling events and properties:
    • ScrollingStateChanged event
    • IsScrolling property
Features WP7SL and WP8SL:

The ScrolledToEnd event

If the event is triggered you have to disable it because otherwise it will be triggered multiple times. Set *TriggerScrolledToEndEvents" to true if more data has been loaded and added to the list. This way the list is not at the end and the event will no longer be triggered.

public MyPage()
	list.ScrolledToEnd += OnScrolledToEnd();

public async void OnScrolledToEnd(object sender, ScrolledToEndEventArgs args)
	list.TriggerScrolledToEndEvents = false; 
	await LoadData();
	list.TriggerScrolledToEndEvents = true; 


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