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Package: MyToolkit.Extended
Platforms: WinRT(Universal)

Improved page frame.

Go to paging for information on how to use this class.

Additional features

New features
  • Correct page caching behaviour (like on Windows Phone)
  • Complex types can be used as navigation parameter (serialized using DataContractSerializer)
    • Deserializing big object structures may slow down application startup (all navigation parameters are deserialized by the MtSuspensionManager during app startup).

New methods:
  • GoBackAsync: Navigates back to the previous page.
  • GoHomeAsync: Navigates to the first page in the page stack.
  • GoBackToAsync(int newIndex): Navigate back to a specific page index.
  • GoBackToAsync(MtPageDescription page): Navigate back to a specific page.
  • GetNearestPageOfTypeInBackStack(Type pageType): Get the next page in the back stack of a specific type.
  • RemovePageFromStack and RemovePageFromStackAt: Used to remove a page from the page stack. The PageDescription object can be obtained from the Pages property.

New properties
  • CurrentPage: Gets the current page.
  • PreviousPage: Gets the page before the current page in the page stack.
  • NextPage: Gets the page after the current page in the page stack.
  • Pages: Gets a list of the pages in the page stack (MtPageDescription objects)
  • DisableForwardStack: If true, the forward stack is disabled (all pages on the forward stack are automatically removed). On Windows Phone this is enabled because the forward stack not needed there.
  • PageAnimation: Gets or sets the animator object for page transitions (see IPageAnimation). If ContentTransitions is set on the frame object then the custom IPageAnimation is ignored. This property can be overridden by the MtPage's PageAnimation property.


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