MyToolkit is a collection of useful classes for WinRT, Windows Phone, Silverlight and WPF. These classes have been developed or collected by Rico Suter.

Available classes and components

Coming soon: MyToolkit.Extended.Universal, PCL library to use in new Universal apps.

If you have found some bugs or have other comments, feel free to send me an e-mail (can be found on This library is free to use and if you use it, please put a link to this CodePlex site in the source code or your application.

Check my blog for other programming stuff:

This is a project which changes rapidly. It is possible that the behavior of classes or APIs change without notice. I don't have the resources to maintain a change log and guarantee backward compatibility.

NuGet packages and DLLs

Available packages on NuGet or as ZIP download (NuGet recommended for automatic dependency management):
  • MyToolkit (PCL): Portable class library (MVVM, collections, etc.). Use this class for portable view models.
  • MyToolkit.Http (PCL): Portable HTTP classes. See HTTP.
  • MyToolkit.Extended (WinRT/WP7/WP8/SL4/SL5/.Net4.5/(.NET4)): UI (e.g. controls) and framework dependent classes (e.g. Wake-On-Lan class). Don't use this class in Windows Phone background agents as some classes are not allowed in these projects. The YouTube classes can be found in this package...
  • MyToolkit.Web (.NET4): .NET classes for Web projects.
Dependencies: (Automatically resolved when installed using NuGet)


With NuGet (recommended)

We recommend to install MyToolkit using NuGet and not the direct download because this way you can easily get new updates and dependencies are automatically and correctly resolved.

If you have a problem loading the package, try installing the newest version of NuGet in MS Visual Studio. If you can't update your NuGet extension, try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

With Subversion (not recommended)

Because of a lot problems with the Codeplex SVN, we moved all code over to this public SVN repository:

Sample applications

There is a sample application for Windows Phone and WinRT which demonstrates various MyToolkit classes (MVVM, Paging, YouTube, etc...) as well as some Windows 8 features. Checkout the code from SVN and open the solution.


MyToolkit is a free project that is developed in spare time. You can show your appreciation for MyToolkit and support future development by donating.

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This project is developed and maintained by Rico Suter.

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