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Package: MyToolkit.Extended
Platforms: WP7SL, WP8SL, WinRT(Universal)

This class can be used for better image loading performance or to load images with username-password authentication (by using an AuthenticatedUri object).

<Image Media:ImageHelper.Source="http://myurl" />

It is also possible to stop the image loading for example while scrolling a list in the MtListBox.

// event from the [MtListBox] (MyToolkit) class
protected void OnScrollingStateChanged(object sender, ScrollingStateChangedEventArgs e)
	ImageHelper.IsEnabled = !e.NewValue;

Don't forget to reenable the image loading in OnNavigatingFrom (Windows Phone) because the stop scrolling event may never occur.

The ImageHelper also supports AuthenticatedUris (Uris with credentials).

Tip: This class can also be used to display images with hotlink protection. See this StackOverflow question.

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