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Package: MyToolkit.Extended
Platforms: WP7SL, WP8SL

See paging for an overview.

Windows Phone

Inherits from PhoneApplicationPage

It is highly recommended to always use this class (or AnimatedPage)!

  • OnNavigatingFromAsync: Async virtual method with possibility to call async methods and change the cancelled property after the task has finished.
  • AddKeyBackPressedHandler and AddBackKeyPressAsyncHandler: Register key back handlers with correct order and ignored handlers when a previous handler cancels the event.
  • Navigation methods which check whether the user is already navigating

Important: The method OnBackKeyPressed cannot be overriden, use the AddBackKeyPressed* methods instead. Also don't use the BackKeyPressed event but the new methods. The registered handlers are called in the correct order and only the required handlers (only if the event has not been cancelled) are called. This behaviour needed for external components like popups which have to react on the underlying page's back key events.


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