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Package: MyToolkit
Platform: All (PCL)

Provides additional extension methods for collections (LINQ to objects).

Extension methods:
  • OrderByThenBy: Provides ordering by two expressions. Use this method instead of OrderBy(...).ThenBy(...) as it calls ThenBy only if necessary!
  • DistinctBy: Removes equal objects by specifing the comparing key.
  • IsCopyOf: Returns true if the second list contains exactly the same items in the same order.
  • Shuffle
  • TakeRandom: Takes random items from the given list.
  • MinObject: Takes the minimal object from a list by specifing the comparing key.
  • MaxObject: Takes the maximum object from a list by specifing the comparing key.
  • MiddleElements: Gets a specified amount of items in the middle of a list.
  • Partition: Partitions an enumerable into blocks of a given size.

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